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Joulescope JS220: Precision Energy Analyzer


  • SEK: 12,060kr

The next-generation affordable and easy-to-use instrument enables you to create better, more energy-efficient products. Measure current from nanoamps to amps while simultaneously measuring voltage, power, energy, and charge.

The perfect instrument for every battery operated project.

This product kit includes:

  • Joulescope JS220 instrument with installed binding post front panel
  • 5′ USB cable
  • 25 cm GPIO cable
  • Allen wrench (for swapping the front panel)
  • Quick start guide
  • Sticker
  • Carrying case

Specifications summary:

  • ±15V voltage range
  • ±3A current range, continuous (10A pulses)
  • 0.5 nA resolution, equivalent to 34-bits of dynamic range
  • 300 kHz bandwidth with 2 million samples per second, 16-bit, simultaneous current and voltage
  • Rapid 1 μs switching between shunt resistors for seamless dynamic current measurement
  • Enwavify™ technology for consistent, accurate measurements through current range changes
  • Computes power, energy, and charge
  • Sensor ports electrically isolated from USB
  • Works with Microsoft® Windows®, Apple® macOS®, and Linux®

See the Joulescope JS220 User’s Guide for details.  

Are you familiar with the previous JS110?  Check out the comparison table to see the improvements with the JS220.

All Joulescopes come fully calibrated from the factory.  The ISO 17025:2017 NIST-traceable calibration option includes additional testing and calibration performed by Tra-Cal, an ANAB-accredited calibration laboratory. 

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