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JS220: BNC Front Panel


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TThe Joulescope JS220 BNC front panel connects to coax cables for lower noise measurements. Standard RG-58 coax cable is limited to 2 amps max.

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• Provides BNC connections

• Reduced noise pickup


• Two standard BNC receptacles o Voltage: center +, shield – o Current: center +, shield –

• Front panel size: 95 x 25 x 28 mm • Front panel weight: 20 grams

• -40 to +85 °C • 3 A max • Box size: 100 x 50 x 50 mm

• Fits: Joulescope JS220 (not compatible with JS110)


The Joulescope JS220 instrument features a replaceable front panel. Give your Joulescope standard BNC sockets with this front panel. Common RG-58 coax cables typically use compatible BNC plugs. With coax cables, your test setup should pick up less noise than other cable types. However, the coax cable specifications usually limit the maximum current below the JS220’s maximum. Check your cable datasheet for its current rating. The JS220 includes the 2 mm Allen wrench used to swap the included binding post front panel. To swap the front panel, remove 2 screws, unplug the existing front panel, plug in the new front panel, and replace the screws.

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