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Flasher PRO XL


  • SEK: 14,376kr

Get the Flasher PRO XL, the SEGGER programming tool for Arm, Renesas RX and Freescale PowerPC based series of microcontrollers with either on-chip or external flash memory.

After setup, this Flasher can be used as a stand-alone JTAG/SWD programmer or controlled by a PC program. It is cross platform, working on Linux, Windows & Mac. It has an Ethernet interface and supports internal and external flash devices.
Flasher PRO XL is the storage extended version of Flasher PRO. It provides 2GB of on-board storage for programming images and configurations.

Box Contents

  • Flasher PRO XL
  • Ethernet cable
  • 20-pin, 0.1″ target ribbon cable
  • RS232 cable 1:1 female / male
  • USB cable

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